Let's share our experience.

We offer comprehensive management services and share successful experience in developing our business.

«Where's my money, Lebowski?»

Accounting and finance

We will set everything up so that accounting and finances cease to be a problem.

Excel reports

We will show you a simple but effective way to keep records.

Online cash register

Set up, train, implement.

Call accounting

Let's find out why customers don't come or don't return.

Tax consulting

We will help you build legal relations with staff.

«I’ll create such a scandal for you!»

Coaching in organizations

We'll tell you how to communicate with guests so that they come back again and again.

Sales techniques training

We will teach you to hear and understand the guest’s request and, as a result, increase profits.

Training in massage techniques

We will train masters in unique massage and communication techniques.


We will provide all the necessary materials to carry out recertification of employees.

Building a mentoring system

We will build an automated training system that does not require your personal time and participation.

Building a motivation system

We will tell you about the types and methods of motivation that will suit all participants in the process.

Work regulations

We will prescribe work standards for employees at all levels.

Checklists for massage techniques

We will compile checklists for experienced and new masters.

Building an online/offline school

We will develop a school to train your staff.
People working on laptops

Why us?

Take a look at the performance of a successfully growing business

During our work, the erotic massage niche has undergone many changes and overcome more than one crisis. We managed to maintain our position, increase our performance and create our own standards that our colleagues now measure up to. We open our own showrooms and co-support ready-made businesses; we know all business processes from our own experience and know how to customize them. And under you.

9 yearsErotic massage in several cities of Russia.

200+Employees in different directions.

170 mln.Turnover of companies during their presence on the market.

100 thousand.People became our guests, including regular ones.

«At the moment all operators are busy...»

Personnel department

We will make sure that you always have staff.

Building an HR department

An experienced specialist will be responsible for recruiting personnel and conducting initial interviews.

Conducting interviews

We will increase the level of communication and teach you how to communicate so that applicants choose you.

Assess potential

At the first stages of dating, we will determine the attitude and reliability of the applicant.


We will examine and check whether the employee is ready to work.

Portrait of the applicant

We will write down all the criteria for a suitable candidate.

Creation of an HR brand

We will help you build an impeccable reputation as an employer.

Divide and conquer


Doesn't miss a single guest.

Receiving calls

Calls are answered by experienced managers from our narrow niche.

Full support of guests

From the application to the visit to your salon.

Building a sales system

We will show you the system our managers use.

Quality control service

Introduction of scripts, analysis of incoming and outgoing calls and messages, followed by troubleshooting.

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